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Food machinery is everywhere

Date : 2019-12-11

"Foodie" is a new buzzword used to describe a group of people who enjoy eating good food. The reason why this word is popular now, small make up that in recent years, China's food industry is booming is closely related. The booming development of the food industry has not only promoted the birth of "foodies", but also promoted the transformation of food machinery and equipment.

The past of bread the present of bread

On May 20, French bakers invited guests to taste bread. The 2016 French bread festival, co-sponsored by the French embassy in China and mei tome, was held at the 798 art center in Beijing on Thursday. This is a collection of food, culture, fashion show as one of the taste experience activities. Of course, in the eyes of small make up such pure foodies, this large-scale event is just a gourmet feast that integrates the appearance, aroma and taste of delicious food.

As a literate foodie, it's not only important to keep abreast of new developments in food, but also to get a rough idea of the story behind it. Some of these food stories are not traditionally inspirational, but rather interesting. As the saying goes, a lot of food in the world, you may not imagine, is also produced in this way, today small make up for one of the food produced by mistake - bread.

Around 2600 BC, there was an Egyptian slave who was making bread. He fell asleep one night while making bread. By the time the slave awoke, the dough was twice as big as it had been the night before. Afraid of being discovered, he hurriedly stuffed the bread back into the stove. In this way, the egyptians discovered yeast, carried out further experiments, and became the world's first professional baker, from which bread was made.

Nowadays, bread has become one of the common food in People's Daily life. It has high nutritional value, can be in the meal before or after the meal as a refreshment taste, and can be used as a staple food, but also as a gift.

According to the forecast analysis report on brand competition and consumption demand investment in China's bakery industry 2016-2021 by the qianzhan industry research institute, the baking market in China is about 60 billion yuan. In reality, the penetration of baked goods in China's third and fourth tier cities and rural markets is intensifying, with bread and other baked goods gradually becoming one of the main breakfast staples for Chinese residents. In terms of age, the consumer group is also expanding. The report predicts that the sales revenue of China's bakery industry is expected to reach 465.829 billion yuan in 2017.

The market of baked goods is booming. Bread, as the representative of baked goods, is rapidly popularized in China. At the same time, in addition to the upgrade of commercial equipment, home toaster also ushered in the spring. Now many families across the plane favor, think homemade bread clean and convenient.

The bread market is hot and home appliances are actively involved

As people live healthier lifestyles, toasters are becoming more common in the home. In addition to baking bread, the toaster can also be used to make cakes, yogurt, cheese, rice wine, rice cakes, fillings, processing nuts, practical and convenient. However, in many products to attract customers, there needs to be constant innovation and change.

Supor has launched a new smart toaster that combines baking with steam to solve the problem of making bread hard and dry with traditional baking techniques, and has 19 options to meet the needs of consumers. In addition, also set up special quick baking, appointment, heat preservation and other functions.

HammacherSchlemmer has designed a toaster for selfie-takers that uploars your picture, waits two weeks and then receives a cut-out piece of your portrait. Each time it is placed in the bakery, the resulting piece of bread is printed with your picture. This might make selfie-takers crazy about bread!

Unlike the first two technological improvements, designer JamesStumpf's toaster is a radical departure. While most toasters are made of metal, James designed a different kind of transparent, rounded bamboo structure. Through a completely transparent glass baking pan, you can see the baking situation at a glance, making it easier to control the baking state and get more suitable bread for your taste and preference.

With more and more functions of the toaster, the consumption target is also expanding and refining, and more and more consumers are entering the bakery industry. Nowadays, it is no longer only the food industry that drives the development of the food machinery industry, but the two unite with each other to create a complete baking industry and further upgrade the industry.

In recent years, the baking industry has developed rapidly in China. With the gradual update of household baking equipment, baking has begun to integrate into people's life. Although handmade baking can be customized at will to enjoy the fun of hands, but everything should be on the premise of safety, carefully selected baking equipment, the correct and safe use, in order to truly make life full of fun.