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The demand of mechanized production of baking industry is becoming more and more obvious

Date : 2019-12-11

With the continuous development of China's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, baking products are favored by people of different ages. According to relevant data, the revenue of baking market in China is expected to reach more than 500 billion yuan by 2020. The qianzhan industry research institute has also released a report on the bakery industry in China, which shows that the scale of the bakery industry is expected to be close to 50 billion yuan this year. Such a huge market opportunity, how can not attract many enterprises to enter? Food machinery enterprises to miss the opportunity, from which can also share a "thick soup".

The demand of mechanized production of baking industry is becoming more and more obvious

It is understood that the cost of raw materials such as cream, cheese and butter rose recently, coupled with the "labor shortage" led to the increase in labor costs, which led to an increase in the cost of baking industry, seriously affecting the operating profit of enterprises. The market is too volatile to control, but we can reduce costs by changing our factors and improving productivity. For example, "machine replacement", the elimination of backward baking production and processing machinery, the introduction of intelligent mechanical equipment, through intelligent, mechanized, large-scale production to achieve efficiency improvement, reduce costs, so as to improve competitiveness in the same industry. For example, Qingdao food company actively introduced intelligent robots, intelligent manipulator, in the production workshop of calcium milk biscuits, except sorting and packaging by the workers to check, ingredients, molding, baking and other links have all realized intelligent, mechanized. At the same time, in the cookie shaping, hair, color, dehydration four links, can flexibly control the dehydration link to control the cookie water content below the standard, not only improve the production efficiency, and ensure the quality of cookie products.

In our country, there are many kinds of baked goods, such as biscuits, bread, cakes, cakes and so on. Biscuit production, need to go through raw materials pre-processing, dough rolling, forming, cooling, packaging and other basic steps, the equipment used include powder mixer, mixer, hair box, forming machine, rotary furnace, tunnel furnace and cooling equipment. At present, biscuits have been gradually automated, large-scale production. In fact, in the baking industry, not only these equipment, but also will involve ovens, roasters, toasters, food metering equipment, egg beater and so on. Professional baking equipment is an indispensable part of automatic and mechanized production of baked goods.

The above baking equipment is continuously enriched thanks to China's food machinery manufacturing industry. It is undeniable that China has made certain achievements in the development of baking equipment manufacturing industry, but there is still a certain gap between China and foreign countries. Most of the baking equipment are low-end products with low technology content, low product life and low added value, mostly at the bottom of the value chain. In addition, some enterprises have little investment in scientific research and lack of research and development capacity. For a long time, they have been focusing on imitation and production, resulting in serious product homogenization. As a result, enterprises are trapped in a vicious circle of low-price competition, and their survival situation is worrying.

Facing the huge baking market, it's easy to get a piece of the pie, given the low barriers to entry. If want to end steady this cup "soup" is not easy, still need the enterprise to change management concept in time, introduce relevant baking equipment actively, quicken the pace of "machine change person", reduce those who need to be engaged in more complex working procedure manually as far as possible, such as carving, frame a flower to wait, more use automation, easy mechanization means operation craft. At the same time, take the initiative to promote new technologies. Such as frozen dough technology, pre-wake hair, pre-bake technology, reduce the intensity of manual operation, improve the convenience of production, so as to provide convenient conditions for automatic and mechanized production of baked goods; Food machinery and equipment enterprises should grasp the future trend of mechanization and intelligent development of the baking industry, but also to recognize the existing problems in the development of the industry, strive to be a leader in the industry, take the lead in the direction of products, and strive to improve the level and competitiveness of domestic baking equipment. In addition, food and machinery enterprises should also "self-cultivation", increase investment in scientific research, actively introduce professional talents, improve the ability of independent innovation, avoid falling into the bad competition.