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Check out the baking equipment! Make the bread nice and colorful

Date : 2019-12-11

Is drinking coffee bad for your health? The author in the last issue of the food message series of scientific analysis, the existence of one-sidedness, it is a rumor. To keep up the good work, this issue will correct the mistake consumers make when buying food, and explain the birth of tempting bread from the perspective of equipment.

There are many consumers in the purchase of bread, will be mistaken for brown bread is whole wheat bread, in fact, this is just the appearance of color to confuse the public. Brown bread doesn't have to be whole wheat, some of it is because of the effect of food coloring that bakers add to it. So, brown bread doesn't have to be whole wheat, and consumers should read the label on the package when they buy it.

In addition to food coloring, the baking process also changes the color of the bread. The color of some bread is very attractive, while the appearance of some bread is flat, this is closely related to the baker's baking technology, equipment. Take toast for example. A good quality toast has to be soft and delicate inside and golden outside, which is very strict with the baking process.

The baking of bread generally needs to be used to oven, oven and other equipment, now on the market a variety of baking machine, there are electric oven, oven, tunnel furnace, rotary furnace, etc., customers can choose the corresponding equipment according to their own requirements. So, what do ovens need to be able to bake high-quality products? Mechanical manufacturing enterprises from what aspects to improve the overall quality of the oven? The author carries on the brief elaboration to this.

A good oven first needs to be well sealed to reduce heat loss and to allow the bread to be evenly heated during baking. Such as heqiang industrial production of the bread oven with super sealing and insulation, greatly reduced the loss of heat. And the equipment will also be combined with hot air convection circulation technology, slow rotation car device, so that all parts of the food evenly heated. The bearing capacity of the water spray humidifier further ensures that the temperature in the oven reaches the standard. The operating personnel can also through the equipment configuration of the lighting system, through the furnace glass to clearly observe the control of the food baking status in real time, if there is a problem can be corrected in time.

Good sealing is one thing, convenient operation of equipment is also important. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are a lot of ovens to achieve automatic one-button control, such as yichang food far infrared electric oven, with automatic temperature control, timing automatic alarm, overtemperature safety protection and other functions, while saving manpower and material resources to achieve the purpose. In addition, far infrared electric heat pipe, heat reflection board, double insulation spacious glass window configuration, so that the quality of equipment is greatly improved.

In addition to having a qualified high-quality oven, different bread types also need to match the corresponding oven type, so that the bread itself can be delicious. Danish bread, like cancellous bread, is better suited to baking in a hot blast oven, which evaporates water in a short amount of time and gives the bread a chewy texture. European - style, French bread with open - hearth oven baking to achieve a crispy and hard texture. Soft breads can also be baked in an open hearth oven, which, if used in a hot air oven, makes the bread drier and less fluffy. See from this, different bread needs to match the oven that suits, manufacturer cannot ignore this when equipment of choose and buy.

From the article, it can be concluded that the birth of attractive color bread is not easy, in the baking equipment selection is also a lot of knowledge, sealing, convenience, sex and different bread varieties of equipment to consider the collocation. Production enterprises in the selection of screening from many aspects, and manufacturing enterprises to improve the quality of machinery and equipment, with more competitive equipment to win customer choice and trust.