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The combination of traditional technology and modern equipment makes the industry full of new vitality

Date : 2019-12-11

In the rapid development trend of information technology, food processing enterprises connect the essence of traditional skills owned by teachers with industrialization, mechanization and intelligence, opening up a bright road for the modernization of traditional skills. At the same time, the integration of traditional food processing technology and modern equipment can not only help enterprises enhance market competitiveness, but also bring new driving forces to the industry, so as to better meet the development trend of the food industry.

Secondary fermentation with modern equipment to retain flavor taste and quality

It is reported that an enterprise is a food industry enterprises, enjoy the "bread king" reputation. From the century-old brand to the national fashionable new products behind, adhere to the combination of traditional technology and modern technology, and continuous innovation endowed with new vitality. According to the introduction, in order to keep the taste of the big fruit bread pure and delicate, still adhere to the traditional secondary fermentation method, namely secondary fermentation for 4 hours, the second time for 2 hours, and ordinary fermentation method only one hour. It takes time, effort, and investment, but retains taste and nutrients.

It should be noted that while adhering to the traditional secondary fermentation method, enterprises should also use modern equipment, such as hair box, oven, etc. to accurately grasp the hair, baking time, temperature, humidity, in order to better ensure the taste and quality of bread.

For example, xinghair box, which is mainly designed according to the requirements of bread fermentation process, is also equipped with an automatic control system, users can adjust the temperature and humidity according to the requirements of the process, to help the bread billet finish the fermentation process, so as to ensure the quality of subsequent processing.

Inheritance of traditional tea production started industrialization

As one of the traditional commodities, tea industry has undergone a series of reforms along with China's reform and opening-up. Chinese tea people have been trying to improve the traditional tea. Make Chinese tea bigger and stronger. And the small pot tea solves the contradiction between the inheritance of traditional craft and the innovation of tea industry. According to relevant personnel introduction, small pot tea in the traditional tea process on the basis of the initial industrialization, mechanization, and began to "clean continuous", "intelligent industrialization" and other new technology research and development.

In addition, tea makers can use the heat, feel and time to control the process details that determine the quality of tea, and also form their own ability to adjust and solve the relationship between taste, process and quality. And the accumulation of traditional tea makers, experience data, with modern tea machinery and equipment to effectively inherit the traditional tea process, it is urgent to solve. For example, the parameters and system of tea making are not invariable, and it is necessary to adjust the temperature, time, fermentation conditions and baking requirements in real time according to environmental changes.

Use natural additives to promote intelligent upgrading

When it comes to additives, we must all talk about "agent" color change. With the increase of people's demand for healthy, nutritious and safe food and beverage products, it also indicates a certain direction for the development of enterprise product chain. While sticking to the traditional process, a processing enterprise will also use natural ingredients to replace the additives in the old formula of the new product, flavoring with orange juice and flavoring with orange oil to retain the traditional taste. After nearly 8 years of development, the enterprise deeply plowed into the Beijing market and became the product loved by consumers again.

In addition, the author learned that in order to better meet the needs of current automation and intelligent development, the company will also carry out intelligent transformation of the existing production line from 2019 to 2021 to achieve automation from order to production and delivery. In the future, it will realize the intelligent production mode of online ordering and customized products, better understand the market demand, timely adjust product lines, and better meet the personalized and diversified consumption needs of the market, and improve the market competitiveness.

Small make up the conclusion: at present, in the food processing industry, presents the coexistence of manual production and machine production products. However, the predictable trend is that in today's food quality and safety concerns, handmade food is declining, and machines are becoming the norm in more and more food processing plants.

At the same time, the wonderful collision and fusion of traditional technology and modern equipment also indicates the only way for the evolution of food industry. This can also integrate traditional skills into modern industrial civilization, modern marketing concepts and future artificial intelligence, so that the industry will continue to glow with new drivers.