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How do you clean the toaster

Date : 2019-12-11

First remember to unplug the toaster before cleaning it and let it cool down. Never dip the toaster in water. Wipe the outside of the toaster regularly. Remove the breadcrumb tray from the bottom of the toaster, shake off the accumulated crumbs, and wash with soapy water.

If you don't have a breadcrumb tray, turn the toaster upside down and shake it over the sink or large trash can.

Use a thin, soft bristle brush to remove crumbs from inside.

Do not clean the inside of the toaster with metal utensils.

Toasters should be cleaned immediately after each use to prevent juices and crumbs from accumulating.

Clean the outside of the toaster and breadcrumb tray regularly.

After cooking greasy food, clean the inside of the toaster with a warm solution of dishwashing detergent.

Synthetic swabbers remove stubborn stains from dishes and grills. Plastic parts are best cleaned with a detergent solution in warm water.

Never dip the oven in water, clean the toaster with coarse abrasions, steel velvet, or commercial oven cleaners.