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Maintenance of mixer

Date : 2019-12-11

One, daily maintenance content

Clean agitator after daily use: clean agitator hook, partition rack and agitator tank with wet towel.

Two, weekly maintenance content

It is necessary to clean the whole mixer every week. Please pay attention not to flush the equipment with water to prevent water from entering the bearing of electrical appliances or transmission part, which may cause equipment damage. Check whether the equipment is placed smoothly.

Three, monthly maintenance content

Grease all butter holes in the housing with a butter gun once a month or quarterly

Lubricate the chains and gears

Check the tightness of the belt or chain to prevent damage from slipping

Iv. Matters needing attention

Earth must be protected

Keep the machine in a stable state, not the whole machine shaking work

Do not overstir and reduce the amount of water when it is less than 55%

If ice is needed, use ice water to prevent damage to the mixing hook

When taking the dough, do not use a metal scraper, shovels and other utensils to prevent scratches to the mixing tank.