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Food machinery industry analysis

Date : 2019-12-11

As an old Chinese saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people." no matter how The Times develop, "food" still occupies an important position in food, clothing, housing and transportation. As an indispensable food machinery manufacturing industry in the food industry, the rapid development after the reform and opening up, along with the advanced food industry and continue to develop. China's food machinery industry from scratch, from the low-end gradually toward, to achieve a quality surge, can simply meet the main domestic food production equipment demand. Now in the context of automation and intelligence become the key words of industry transformation and upgrading, what will be the status of the industry? How should the industry develop?

Current status of food machinery industry:

The equipment manufacturing industry in the past five years, our country food made gratifying progress, a batch of a new breakthrough in key technology and equipment, launched a lot of high intelligence, automation, greening level of the whole line and single machine equipment, the food nonthermal, biodegradable food packaging materials, online safety testing and quality control, covering the whole industry chain of food safety traceability, opportunity of iot technology key technology such as remote control and diagnosis research has made a major breakthrough. However, some problems existing in the development of the industry are also very prominent and urgently need to be solved.

From a single field, enterprises have rampant adverse factors such as vicious competition and price war. There are many duplicates of technology research and development, and insufficient reserve forces for independent research and development. Products and technologies are mainly at the middle and low end, and the pace of development is slow. Equipment from the entire food industry, overall level compared with the developed there, still dependent on high prices to introduce key technologies, product technology content is not high, basic processing technology, basic components, control system, insufficient aspects such as polymer materials research and development, the enterprise has not been a small number giant or large brands, lack of r&d.

The existence of these problems makes China's food equipment manufacturing industry burdened with heavy pressure of upgrading, so it is urgent to alleviate this pressure through the reform of manufacturing supply side and realize self-growth. Food machinery industry to achieve supply-side reform, the step to do is still to do a good product. If the enterprise wants to sink the heart to do the product, it must work hard in the product design, research, use, not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to achieve quality and file. In addition, we need to take a longer view, not only to see product quality improve, but also to set high standards in terms of brand, diversification, style and environmental performance, delimit development channels and promote supply-side reform of upgraded versions.

It is understood that at present, some enterprises have made some practical work, to echo the general trend, the significant is the integration of intelligent factors. The intelligent factors into embodied in two aspects: first, strengthening intelligence control application in food machinery products, for the intelligent level of industrial production, the production efficiency, improve to provide effective support, secondly, in the process of product manufacturing implementation make the intelligent, namely, for complex, high precision, high risk of production procedure to realize the remote control or robot operation, to protect the safety of the equipment production by data processing and strict standards. This is one of the obvious trends of food machinery manufacturing industry, specific performance in the introduction and popularization of intelligent products speed up, such as intelligent kitchen electricity, intelligent packaging production line, intelligent sorting equipment and so on.

Behind the intelligence trend, there is also a "flame" quietly growing, that is environmental protection. As we all know, smog has closed cities and factories have stopped production, resulting in huge pressure to reduce consumption and reduce emissions. Local governments have introduced corresponding policies to promote the upgrading and rectification of industries with high pollution and energy consumption. In this context, it is inevitable for enterprises to use energy-saving equipment to accelerate the replacement of production lines. Under the development demand of production enterprises, food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises must keep up with the trend, on the basis of considering the use of the product performance, into the low consumption environmental protection factors, really make the product more attractive, let the manufacturer satisfaction.