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Date : 2019-12-04


This is used in almost all pastry bakes, where the ingredients are beaten up with the force of an egg beater, allowing a lot of air to enter the material and allowing the product to expand during the heating process, giving it a softer texture. In general, such as whipped egg whites, whole eggs, butter, whipped cream and so on. We also often see terms like wet foam or dry foam in whipped cream, which refers to the degree to which we beat the material.

Wet sex foaming

Beat egg whites or whipped cream until frothy and sugar combined. Beat until smooth and white. Pull up the whisk to stand firm but slightly bent.

And stiff

Beat egg whites or whipped cream until frothy, then sugar and beat until smooth and white, elastic and straight at the end of the whisk.

Qing dozen method -- also known as egg division method

It refers to the method of beating the egg white and yolk separately, waiting to be dismissed, and then combining as one.

Mixed - also known as the whole egg method


Filter flour, sugar powder, cocoa powder and other powder with a sieve, so as to avoid caking powder. It's important to note, however, that sifting is only used in very fine powders, such as whole wheat flour, which is not sifted.

Water dissolves

Place the material in a smaller container. Place the material in a larger container filled with hot water. This method is usually used in materials that cannot be melted by direct heat, such as chocolate or gelatine powder.

Water sent

When the whole egg is beaten, because the yolk can reduce its thickness after heat, increase the formation of its emulsion, accelerate mixing with the egg white, air, make it more easy to bubble and expand, so want to heat water is beaten. While the animal whipped cream in the kill, put a basin of ice in the water to kill, it is easier to kill.

Bake or bathe in water

Generally used in the baking process of cheesecake, the cheesecake in the oven to bake, to add hot water to the pan, and then put the cake mold in the pan with hot water to bake.

At room temperature to soften

Butter because of the low melting point, generally refrigerated storage, use to take out and put in the room temperature to soften, if anxious to soften, butter can be cut into small pieces or microwave, butter can be softened until the finger can be lightly pressed, and not completely melted.

Preheat the oven

Before baking, set the oven to the baking temperature 10 minutes in advance to allow the oven to reach the desired baking temperature.

The dough is flabby

Egg tartare, oil skin, pastry, dough due to kneading after the gluten produced, after the rest of the relaxation and roll easier to operate, will not shrink.

Buckle the demoulding

Generally used in chiffon cake, baked chiffon cake from the oven out, should be immediately inverted on the baking network to cool after demoulding, because chiffon cake is easy to shrink, so inverted after cooling demoulding, can effectively reduce the shrinkage.

Dust the baking brush with oil

Brush butter or flour evenly throughout the cake to make it easier to unmold, but be careful not to brush chiffon cakes with flour

Mousse sprinkled

MOUSSE, MOUSSE, MOUSSE, MOUSSE, MOUSSE, MOUSSE, MOUSSE. It is a soft sweet food made by beating eggs and cream separately and filling them with air, mixing them with other condiments, or mixing the whipped cream with filling and gelatin water.


It is translated into English PUFF, also called hollow cake, air drum and so on. It is a kind of snack made by boiling flour with water or milk and butter, then stirring in eggs, by squeezing paste, baking, filling and other techniques.


The translation of English COOKITS. Is butter, flour sugar and other ingredients by stirring, squeeze system, baked from a kind of crisp biscuit.


It's the English name for PUDDING. Butter, eggs, sugar, milk, etc. as the main raw materials, with a variety of auxiliary materials, steamed or baked from a soft snack.


Is the English translation of PIE, also translated into the arrangement, batch, etc. Is a kind of pastry, containing fruit or filling, often used to make a blank mold mold. There are two kinds of sweet and salty according to taste, and single leather pie and double leather pie according to shape.


TART is the translation of English, also translated into tower. It is a kind of small pastry that is filled with fruit or filling by means of billet, baking, decoration and other techniques. The shape of the pastry can change with the change of the mold.

Don't to sand

What's the meaning of the English SOUFFLE? There are cold food and hot food. The hot one is mainly made of egg white, while the cold one is made of egg yolk and cream.

The non

PARFAIR is the English translation. It is a frozen sweet food based on eggs and cream.


Sugar, water and jelly powder, according to a certain proportion of the concoction of frozen sweets.

Several dairy products that are common in baking

Milk is the most used liquid raw material in baking. It is often used to replace water, which has nutritional value and can improve the quality of cakes or pastries. Its functions include: 1. 2. Increase the moisture in the cake to make the tissue more delicate. 3. Lactose in milk can increase appearance color, taste and fragrance. Can use powdered milk, condensed milk to rush to mix and do not affect the effect, whole fat, low fat, skim milk is ok.

Second, Evaporated Milk, Evaporated Milk) is called Milk, Milk, and Evaporated Milk. Milk is evaporated and concentrated without sugar. It is evaporated milk after sterilization. Its lactose content is higher than the general milk, milk flavor is stronger, can give west point special flavor.

Three, Condensed Milk, Condensed Milk, Milk sugar, heating, evaporation concentration into sweetened Condensed Milk products, is the Condensed Milk, the Milk fat content is lower than 0.5%, no less than 24% Milk solids content. In baking, condensed milk has too much sugar to be used as an ingredient, let alone as a substitute for butter or milk. Natural and variously flavored condensed milk can be applied directly to baked or steamed snacks.

Whipping Cream is a white, milky liquid with a higher content of Cream. Whipped Cream can increase the flavor of pastry, and at the same time it has the characteristics of foaming, can be beaten in the volume increase, into the milky white foam shape of the Cream (Whipped Cream).